My name is Michael Loghry.  I have over eight years of accounting and tax experience.  I am the sole proprietor of Loghry Tax Services based out of Bixby, Oklahoma.  My writing has been covered on the front page of Roth IRA News.  I have a wonderful wife Katherine, and a 13 month old son named Liam.  My goal with the website is obviously to attract new clients, but I also hope to help people understand big scary tax and financial topics a little better.  I’m going to attempt to take a very simplistic approach to tax and other money saving financial topics I feel will apply to most people and  attempt to simplify them so that they can be better understood.  I am not advising anyone’s particular situation so please do not take anything I write as direct tax advice.  My intent is that I help you better understand the basics and hopefully you can apply it to your own situation.  I truly look forward to hearing from you and I will do my best to respond to comments.


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